Home made smoked salmon and toast 38 lei
Home made foie gras and hot toast 44 lei
Ici et Là tray 38 lei
Carpoccio of St Jacques, schrimps and avocado 38 lei
Scrumble eggs with trufle 48 lei
Crostini 36 lei
Vegetables cream soup with croutons 25 lei
Risotto with eggplant and parmesan cream sauce 32 lei
Vegetables tartar 32 lei
Kalamata olives, ham and cheese 18 lei
Vegetables and goat cheese tart 38 lei
Main Dishes
Beef tenderloin with green pipper sauce and potatoes with garlic 98 lei
Unilateral salmon with lemon sauce and butternut gratin 58 lei
Beef tartare, home made French fries 52 lei
Salmon tartare and home made french fries 52 lei
Gambas and sphagetti with garlic, basil and cherry tomatoes 78 lei
Cheese burger with french fries 39 lei
Duck breast with rosemary sauce and vegetables 85 lei
Trilogy of beef served with a fried potato pancake 95 lei
Turbot with thyme sauce and feve 120 lei
Hot foie gras with mashed potatoes and pear 115 lei
Bourride Provençale (assortment of fish, seafood and vegetables, toast and oilve oil and garlic mayonnaise) 75 lei
Veal chope with 190 lei
Chocolate mille feuille 25 lei
Crème brulee 20 lei
Hot and soft chocolate cake with crème anglaise 20 lei
Carpaccio with pineapple 20 lei
Le café gourmand de Vanessa 25 lei
Home made ice cream and sorbet (3 balls) 21 lei